What is the Millennial Takeover?

The Millennial Takeover is designed to identify and promote change makers of the millennial generation, collect and advertise resources for aspiring leaders, and inspire our generation to be the change we wish to see.

The Team

Marissa Germain – Founder


Born in the swamp lands of Central Florida to immigrant parents, Marissa Germain is always up for a good story. Though an international development professional by trade, she loves to write and make new friends. You can find her at @themtakeover on Twitter.

Megan Lanier – Co-writer

MA Photo - Cropped (1)

Rather than categorize myself by my job title, I would rather say I am a friend, dancer, baker, gardener and lover of life! I care about my community and the future of our society. As a member of the millennial generation, I know that the world is in good hands and I want to help share some amazing work that is being done by our peers.

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